Two Penny Blue – The Studio : Powder Room Design

I’ve long been designing houses, but to be able to design a shop has long been a dream of mine.  So I am psyched to help outfit the new Two Penny Blue studio and showroom with a look that really reflects the brand and it’s unique identity.  While the demo is underway, I got busy pulling some ideas together for the newly built powder room in the space.  Basing the design on inspiration images full of glossy black paint, brass and graphic elements with a throwback, glamorous feel I came up with this scheme:
Two Penny Blue Powder Room Design Board

Some of the inspiration photos we worked off of (always the best place to start when designing…)




Budget is always a concern and to get the most impact from this small space without spending a ton, the dramatic black wall and graphic penny tile floor are key!  Also, the brass based sink will pop amazingly off the dark paint color. To top it all off, a little ceiling drama in the form of diagonal stripes (wallpaper or painted) that mimic the pattern on the gorgeous Two Penny Blue boxes!


The vintage glamor will be provided by the venetian style mirror (I have this guy in my own bathroom too), an antique-style faucet and a gallery wall made up of various art in vintage gilt frames (find some on eBay for cheap!)


I look forward to sharing the progress of the project as we move forward!





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